It’s not about the law.

  It’s about you.  

Going through a divorce can be one of the most stressful and unhappy times in your life. It can can set the stage for years of anger, pain and unhappiness, or it can be an opportunity for new hope, happiness and growth.

Every step of the process has an impact on you, your children, and your future.

We understand.

That’s why we begin – and end - with you. Just as each and every relationship is different, each and every divorce is different. 

Our work begins before we ever sit down to meet with you. After answering a few preliminary questions, you will be provided with an Intake Questionnaire. Your answers to the Intake Questionnaire allows us to better understand the legal, emotional and financial issues unique to your situation in advance of our first face to face meeting. This gives us the opportunity to develop the best strategy for addressing your particular facts and circumstances.


We discuss not just where you are – but where you want to be. We then apply our skills in the legal arena to help get you there. We work closely with you and your spouse’s legal representative to achieve the best result for you and your family.  Whether that result is reached via informal agreement, through the process of mediation, or in court, we're ready. 

The law is just our tool. We never forget that you, your well-being and your future is in our hands, and our purpose is to help you move through this stressful experience with support and caring, and get you to your goal of a new life filled with promise.

We will help you find answers to your many questions such as those below. Click on any subject to read our answers.
 Should I seek a divorce – or just a separation?
•    What is the divorce process and how long will it take?
•    How can I get through this as quickly and painlessly as possible?
•    What about future support for me and my children?
•    What will happen to our home and other property?
•    How will our debts be handled?
•    What will happen to the money in our retirement plans?
•    How will assets I brought into the marriage be handled?
•    Where and with whom will our children live?
•    Who will be making decisions about the children?
•    Can I take my children out of state?


We also serve our clients in non-divorce matters such as:
•    Pre- and post-nuptials
•    Legitimation and paternity
•    Grandparent visitation and custody
•    Modification of alimony and child support

We understand that you may have many questions not fully addressed here. For a full discussion of your situation, please call us at (770)528-8288 or use the contact form to communicate with us as learn how we approach each and every case on a individual and personal basis.

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