Cheryl Champion-White Esq.

For more than 27 years, Cheryl Champion-White has worked as an advocate for clients dealing with marital and family-related legal problems, such as divorce, separation, child custody and child support, step-parent and grandparent custody and legitimation.

A graduate of Georgia State University of Law, Cheryl received her Juris Doctor degree and license to practice law in Georgia in 1993.

What Clients Say About Cheryl:



I can't thank Cheryl enough for all of her arduous work on behalf of my family and I over the last very long nine months. We appreciate her tenacity and hard work. More than anything, I thank her for her patience. . . for reading what was no less than 1000 emails threads, for talking me off the ledge multiple times, for rolling with all of my Ex's punches and for not allowing me to give up or give in. I appreciated all that her and her team did to help us get more time with my little ones. She was able to put us in a much better position in regards to our parenting time. That is, after all, what this was all about! She is the best !!!

Grand Parent Adoption

Cheryl came highly recommended. Our grand children had been with us off and on for several years. She was able to help us obtain legal custody of our grand children after being told by several other attorneys we couldn't do so. After having custody of our grand children for a year, we then decided to adopt the children in order to provide them with a stable home life. Our case was very unique. It ended up going to trial. I was proud of Cheryl. She showed much professionalism and was very knowledgeable with the case law in our matter.

Trustworthy Attorney

Cheryl guided me through a very long, emotionally draining custody dispute with my ex, who was trying to out-spend me in the hope that I would give into his demands. Not only did she defeat my ex and his attorney, but proved that not only am I "fit," but that his claims were without merit and our child is better served living primarily with me. She was able to get an increase in monthly support to a fair and reasonable amount, and I was also awarded a portion of legal fees because Cheryl was able to counter every single one of his arguments. She, along with her paralegal, were very organized and diligent and I wouldn't recommend anyone else. In fact, I have passed her name along several times already.

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